Reduce Fleet Management Costs

ERA Fleet Cost Management team is committed to building long-term relationships based on openness, teamwork and trust.
Our service is designed to minimise administration, maximise visibility and optimise ongoing costs.

We work entirely in partnership with our clients, delivering tangible benefits and providing tailored services to meet their goals and ultimately deliver Value through Insight™.

A little more information

We are not a broker, a contract hire company, or car dealer, but a specialist division of ERA that works with client organisations to help them get the best out of their fleet suppliers and their contracts.

Operating a fleet of vehicles is typically a top 3 spend for an organisation and we look at all the constituent cost parts to provide a “Whole Life Cost” analysis – even if you operate less than 20 vehicles.

ERA Fleet Cost Management specialise in cars and vans up to 3.5T and undertake a full holistic review of all the aspects of spend under the key categories: Acquisition, Operation and Policy.

Our consultants come from careers within the fleet sector often working for fleet solutions businesses selling into corporate accounts, so are fully acquainted with all aspects of contracts and understand where and how to ensure they work to your maximum advantage, and not against you.

Our initial review and subsequent reports highlights the options available and allow you to remain in control of decision making at all times, whilst offering strategies and terms which reduce expenditure and exposure.

In addition we stay with you beyond implementation, to maintain supplier relationships and regularly monitor and provide reporting to ensure that price and service level promises are maintained throughout a full replacement cycle of your fleet.

Specialist Areas Include:

• Policy Advice
• Manufacturer/Lessor Reviews
• Vehicle Procurement
• All In-Life Operations
• Short Term Hire
• Fleet Management
• Grey Fleet
• Whole Life Costs Analysis
• Duty of Care
• Telematics
• Tax & NIC Liabilities
• Accident Management
• Peer Group Comparisons

Our fleet proposition

We run two services: both are designed to give you maximum visibility of your fleet operations and reduce the overall cost. Fleet is often a substantial cost for any organisation and keeping track of vehicles, drivers, usage, benefits, which product is best-fit for you, depends largely on the size of your fleet.

FleetBase is designed specifically for lower-volume fleet owners; typically running less than 50 vehicles. These can be a combination of ‘company cars’ (and vans) and ‘grey fleet’; those vehicles owned by employees but used – regularly or occasionally – for work.

FleetPlus is designed for organisations running typically more than 50 vehicles, where there is more complication and greater cost. Our service here looks in detail at all the factors that are important in understanding the total cost of ownership to both the business and the employees. Projects in this area tend to involve Finance – to look at how to finance acquisition and understand the implications of taxation; HR – to look at the implications for employee benefits and staff morale and Operations; to interrogate the day-to-day data and look for opportunities to optimise usage.

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