What is your strategy to transition to an Electric Fleet?

The Road to Net Zero

The widely publicised government strategy that all new cars must have zero tailpipe emissions by 2030 means that organisations need to start acting sooner rather than later to improve air quality. The timeline below illustrates the milestones needing to be achieved in converting to an electric fleet if the 2030 deadline is to be met.

To assist in the transition and implementation of an electric vehicle fleet we have developed a comprehensive ‘road map’ so you may fully understand any impacts and support you through this evolution. Utilising market leading technology we will assess each individual drivers circumstances and provide a bespoke ‘EV Ready’ report based on their frequent journeys & access to charging.

The road map is divided into 4 key core components. Our independent, impartial approach to EV adoption will steer you through all the areas you need to consider in order that a smooth, cost effective transition is achieved.

Electric Fleet Transition Roadmap

1) Evaluation

Assessing when & how to make the switch is based on a number of factors:

  • Whether your goals are financial and/or environmental
  • What employees think about EVs – Reduced BIK and perceived concerns
  • Individual EV readiness report – which employees can switch to electric now and who should wait.

2) Analysis

If some or all of a fleet can be switched to electric now, you will want to know:

  • An EV cost analysis versus the current fleet – Total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • What are the operational requirements?
  • What suitable vehicles are available, the hardware required & charging infrastructure?
  • Measure current Carbon Footprint

3) Transition

If the switch to electric is viable and cost effective, then other factors to consider:

  • Information on home / workplace / public charging options
  • How to access grants and tax relief
  • Driver communication and frequently asked questions

4) Implementation

With a new electric fleet on the road you should strive to maximise efficiency and savings by:

  • Establishing an EV fleet policy
  • Monitor the cost of workplace, public and home charging
  • Review the strategy & mileage patterns

Working with You to Reduce your Carbon Emissions

ERA’s solution delivers a one stop shop for EV policy, charging infrastructure for home/office and provision of EV’s at market competitive rates.

Every business, regardless of industry, has a role to play in helping the UK to drastically cut its carbon emissions, by both leading by example and helping others to do the same. It is ERA’s mission to help other organisations offset their carbon emissions and support the quest for carbon neutrality by 2030.

Let us help you achieve that goal.

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Steve Vare, joined ERA Group in 2017, after more than 20 years in vehicle fleet management. Steve has extensive knowledge of vehicle leasing, occupational road risk management & driver training and accident management.

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