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Delivering Value Through Insight™ in Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Optimizing Costs in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) with ERA Group

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries rely on telecommunications and IT services to maintain communications among staff and with their client-base and to maintain the pace with ever-evolving technology innovations.

However, it can be difficult to determine if your current pricing for telecom, software, digital storage and IT services are competitive. ERA consultants bring specialised technology experience to the table to help clients with Telecommunications and IT cost management, analysing expenses to uncover possible cost savings.

This collaborative effort drives value for scalable business growth.

Below you will find different categories related to IT and Telecoms to give you more information about how we operate and how we can save you money. If there are any aspects you’re interested in that you can’t find, simply get in touch and we’ll connect you with the relevant expert.

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Information Technology

Our experience and expertise in hardware, software and cloud computing covers support, development, consultancy and management of IT services across a range of different commercial models.

Combining our commercial acumen with our technical knowledge, we help interpret complex contracts and negotiate with suppliers in a minefield of jargon and often incomprehensible sales behaviours.

A business that is not leveraging IT in a way that best supports its current operation and future strategy will fail to excel or may even fail to survive.

Amongst our consultants we have the level of expertise necessary to help you objectively evaluate how well your organisation is currently making use of technology and deploying and managing it effectively.

As we are external to your organisation and independent, with no vendor or technology bias you can be confident you are getting advice that is 100% in interests of your business.

IT solutions and services can be complex and very challenging to procure effectively. Business needs can be many and even opaque at the start of the process. Potential suppliers can be numerous, capabilities and costs difficult to compare, and contractual terms difficult to understand.

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Telecommunications include landlines, mobile phones, data transfer and internet services.

The competition is fierce and the prices and fees often opaque.

The ERA Group consultants help you sort through the range of possibilities to select only what is really useful for your business – reducing your overall telecommunications costs.

We can help you understand exactly what it is you are purchasing, avoid or move out of onerous contracts, minimise penalty charges and perform detailed bill re-calculations which you are unlikely to be able to do.

We can also help with strategies and systems changes such as new data lines, network changes and move to new technologies including Internet telephony (VoIP), new phone systems, hosted/cloud phone systems and Mobile Device Management (MDM).

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