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Information Technology

Get the best value from your Information Technology Suppliers

We help our clients to achieve best value from the most appropriate supplier arrangements in a range of areas associated within the broad range of Information Technology.

Our experience and expertise in hardware, software and cloud computing covers support, development, consultancy and management of IT services across a range of different commercial models.

Combining our commercial acumen with our technical knowledge, we help interpret complex contracts and negotiate with suppliers in a minefield of jargon and often incomprehensible sales behaviours.

A little more information

Effective use of Information Technology is a critical success factor for almost every business. All organisations these days are heavily reliant on technology and although the costs may be hidden in a range of areas including staffing and marketing, IT is normally a large volume contributor to overhead spend.

The ERA Group forensic approach, cost reduction system and purchasing power can be brought to bear by our consultants to help you reduce your Information Technology commodity and service costs.

However, cost reduction is only part of the challenge when it comes to optimising corporate IT and some of our Associates have the capability to deliver a broader range of IT consulting services to your business. They can work with you to optimise your IT arrangements by using their skill and expertise to deliver strategies, systems and infrastructures that will serve your business now and in the future.

Please refer to the consultant profiles to see the full range of services that are on offer and examples of their satisfied clients.

Cost Areas Include:

• Consultancy
• Hardware
• Maintenance
• Software
• Web Hosting

IT Services

We’re here to give you independent expertise and advice, and give your internal team an extra pair of hands. Depending on the challenges facing your organisation, you might want to take advantage of some or all of our services:

IT Cost reduction

The ERA market knowledge and forensic approach to cost reduction can deliver savings for your business across a broad range of IT goods and services. The standard project process includes:

• Situational Analysis & Benchmarking
• Supplier Analysis
• Competitive Tendering
• Procurement and delivery
• Savings audits
• Ongoing Vendor/Supplier Management
• Strategic Services

A business that is not leveraging IT in a way that best supports its current operation and future strategy will fail to excel or may even fail to survive.

Amongst our consultants we have the level of expertise necessary to help you objectively evaluate how well your organisation is currently making use of technology and deploying and managing it effectively.

As we are external to your organisation and independent, with no vendor or technology bias you can be confident you are getting advice that is 100% in interests of your business.

Not only can we provide advice on direction but we can then help you manage and deliver that change.

Complex IT solutions and services procurement

IT solutions and services can be complex and very challenging to procure effectively. Business needs can be many and even opaque at the start of the process. Potential suppliers can be numerous, capabilities and costs difficult to compare, and contractual terms difficult to understand.

Whether you are procuring a complex software application (ERP/CRM etc.), software development and support services, IT infrastructures (hosting, networks, peripherals) or support services, you will be able to find an IT consultant to help you. Just check on their consultant profiles and get in touch.

IT case studies

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