Delivering Improved UK Business Performance Through Cost Optimisation & Supplier Management

Cost Optimisation Specialists Delivering Value Through Insight

ERA Group partners with business leaders to tackle their challenges and illuminate their greatest opportunities hidden within their cost base.

ERA has been a pioneer in business strategy and cost optimisation since 1992. Today, we help clients validate, improve processes and turn insight into opportunities – enabling organisations to grow, build competitive advantage, and drive bottom-line impact. Built on transparency and trust.

As a global team of strategists and implementation experts, or as we like to say ‘thinkers’ and ‘doers’ – ERA brings deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives to spark change.

We believe we’re the resource that today’s modern leaders need as they navigate a new horizon, face unforeseen challenges and seek out new opportunities.

Running a business can often be complex. We work in partnership with your finance, procurement and operation teams to optimise costs and illuminate opportunities hidden within your cost base – providing access to market insight that can shorten change management timescales and improve your return on supply chain investments.

We’ve helped and are helping thousands of clients, from some of the world’s largest organisations through to local businesses you might not recognise. But not only with local projects – often with complex global projects, teams and stakeholders.

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"Our global network combined with local market knowledge enables ERA to help your organisation gain additional value from your supplier base."

Are we right for you?

Yes. But of course, we will say yes!

Even if you have full confidence in your procurement and internal departments, ERA can undertake an audit to make sure the prices you are receiving are competitive and the service exceeds satisfaction.

If our team can discover no savings, great. You don’t need to pay us, and you can have full faith in your procurement.

Or perhaps you simply don’t have the time.

We DO have the time and are keen to spend it confirming your assumptions or providing solutions to any challenges that may be worrying you. The peace of mind that our projects can provide is priceless, especially in times of heightened risk and recession.

What’s peace of mind worth to you?

Common Misconceptions about ERA Group

Buying agreements

Not always true. ERA reviews prices and other KPIs 24/7, locally, nationally, and globally. Our solutions are bespoke and tailored to our client’s needs.
Supplier prices

Not in our experience. ERA knows what your suppliers are charging your competitors locally, nationally, and globally. We can beat those prices or give assurance you already have the best pricing.


ERA may not be in first place for knowledge about your company, but it is in first place for procurement optimization – particularly indirect cost procurement that is often overlooked. ERA will absolutely be familiar with the challenges that are likely affecting your business and your industry. We have seen the challenges facing an almost infinite number of industries and have developed solutions that may be suitable for your business.
Supplier loyalty

In many cases we find that the longer the relationship, the longer the supplier has had to increase margins.

Common Challenges our Clients Experience

Multiple suppliers

Our experience in data collection and analysis make short work of this complex task.
Majority of spending

The salespeople they are buying from will also be far better rewarded for generating margin on your account, than your ‘buyers’ are for making savings.

Market vision

We have a huge advantage over individual organisations because we have near-perfect market vision, whereas organisations typically possess only data and pricing information based on their own historic costs.
Staff and management

Our experts continuously monitor/review supplier and stakeholder behaviour to prevent unnecessary spending.

"ERA offers a wide range of services. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and our engagements are truly consultative, therefore project scope and desired outcomes vary from client to client."

If you would like to speak to someone at ERA Group to discuss your business and objectives further, contact us today and a member of the team will get in touch to provide you with more information and help explain exactly how we can help your business.

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