Jason Adderley

Client Relationship Manager

Jason leads Account Management & Development in the professional services sector for ERA.

He joined ERA in 2010 after a 15-year career in the commercial property development and investment industry, and works with a diverse client base comprising solicitors, actuaries, chambers, patent attorneys, accountants, surveyors, consulting engineers and recruitment consultants.

With a core team of sector specialists, he works with clients to scope out and deliver outcomes-focused projects tailored to individual firms’ needs and organisational culture. Typically, professional services firms benefit from expert insight into Document Production, Records Management, Technology, Travel & Expenses, Office Services, Office Supplies, Facilities Management & Insurance.

Jason also heads up ERA’s Records Management services. With his experienced analyst team he specialises in reducing costs for the secure and compliant storage, management and disposal of business records.

Over the past decade Jason and his team have successfully extracted clients from the substantial contingent liabilities often presented by ambiguous contractual arrangements. This work is detailed in several ERA case studies.