Tapi Carpets and Flooring

Retail and Wholesale Trade

Established in 2015, Tapi’s aim is to make shopping for carpets and flooring “an absolute joy”. Martin Harris wanted to “breathe new life into the world of carpet shopping.” To do so, Tapi places integrity at the heart of everything it does: “When we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it! We will never forget this is about your home, your family, your needs and your dreams!”

The Challenge

The story of the last seven years for Tapi has been one of rapid expansion. In 2016, the carpet and flooring company operated just 15 stores. Today that number is over 160.

High-speed growth illustrates the excellence of Tapi’s business model, but it also requires the company to be as efficient as possible.

ERA operates a no-commitment and no-savings no-fee model, providing Tapi with the perfect opportunity to undertake a forensic health check in several areas of spend.

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“The knowledge that ERA has within its network of specialists is undeniably impressive. In every category of spend we were given useful insights which informed our decisions at every step. We continue to work with ERA and will recommend their work in the future.”

Jeevan Karir, Chief Financial Officer, Tapi Carpets and Flooring