A Shipping Perspective on Supply Chains

A Shipping Perspective on Supply Chains

The Thought Leadership | Issue 5 | A Shipping Perspective on Supply Chains

In this issue of our Thought Leadership publication, Hans-Henrik Hansen shares his insights into some of the areas you should be aware of when navigating your way through the everchanging risks that have been facing intercontinental supply chains for the past 30 months.

This ‘perfect storm’ might appear to be subsiding, but the proper and timely address of these risks can still mean boom or bust for businesses.

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Download issue 5 of The Thought Leadership publication, which explores - primarily from a transport perspective - the areas to be aware of when managing the risks that face intercontinental supply chains.

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"Since its invention by Malcolm McLean in 1956, the shipping container has been an icon and an enabler of global trade. The standardization allows for an efficient move of cargo across the world, traversing both water and land.

Moving into 2020, and more than 50% of the world's goods are moved in shipping containers."

About the Author

Inside this issue of The Thought Leadership, you’ll find valuable insights into the risks that face supply chains now, including volatile energy prices, a change in global product demand, and drastic changes in the geopolitical sphere.

Hans-Henrik Hansen brings over 15 years of experience from various A.P.Møller – Mærsk companies in Denmark and abroad. In addition to his role as Country Manager, Hans-Henrik’s primary focus is on project analysis in both Denmark and abroad.

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