Creating A CFO/CPO Strategic Partnership

The Thought Leadership | Issue 4 | Inflation and Supply Chain Disruptions Dictate a New Reality

In this issue of our Thought Leadership publication, Peter de Heer explores how the unprecedented stress that the current market development places on business is strengthening our long-held belief that the Finance and Procurement functions should form a strategic power team within any company.

Procurement is at the forefront of market developments regarding strategic and operational cost drivers. These insights should be structurally integrated in the financial target setting and planning.

Moreover, when a company’s supply and cost objectives and market reality are transparent and aligned between finance and procurement, significant savings can be unlocked, innovations created and business continuity guaranteed.

In this paper, we share some of our insights on fundamentals to help achieve that goal. Download our insights today.

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Download issue 4 of The Thought Leadership publication, which shares our insights into the fundamentals of finance and procurement to unlock significant savings, create innovations and guarantee business continuity.

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"Procurement managers need to think like a CFO. They need to be profit-oriented, risk-aware and aligned with the company strategy."

About the Author

Inside this issue of The Thought Leadership, you’ll find valuable insights on how to align company supply and cost objectives between finance and procurement, unlocking significant savings and guaranteeing business continuity.

Peter de Heer is a senior business manager, with extensive experience in several Fortune 500 companies. He can rely on a broad experience in business, purchasing, and general management positions in several countries in Western and Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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